What is it about dreams that we want to chase them? In your mind they look like heaven,  but what happens when your dream comes true? Does it become standard?

Well these are some questions I’ve asked myself back in Holland. My stay in Paris was my dream come true, I finally could be a real Parisienne. And now I think I can say that I am. Maybe some French people will laugh at me and tell me I’m far from a Parisienne but yeah, what the *** 

So now I’m really used to live here, everything slowly becomes normal, but it is ABSOLUTELY not normal! So every day I keep saying to myself that I’m verrrry lucky to live here and experience so many cool things!

Set dreams to carry you and don’t let them become a standard thing…

Okay I’m going to the movies now! Soooo cool 

(for some weird reason i can not put the video in here)

Big Kisses!

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