I have had enough with this cold grey weather, and I hope when I'm in Paris next week the weather will be on my side. I can't wait to go and today I made a list where I want to go next week. Paris is such a big city; there are always new places to explore…

Where do we go?

-          Saint-Ouen market, this is a very large flea market with lots of furniture and home- accessories

-          The pick-up-place from the movie Midnight in Paris, I now know where it is! yeay! It's near the Pantheon. So I owe you a picture of this place.

-          Café des Deux Moulins, this is the café from the movie Amelie.

-          Pont des Arts, this is the bridge of love where you can hang a lock on the fence of the bridge.

-          Versailles, I've been here before but I think it is such a historical and fascinating place that I want to go back there.

-          Chezel Vintage shop, I believe this is not a cheap vintage shop, so I need some money for this one (or my boyfriend). They sell Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Celine and more... ME LIKE

I’m so excited!

* Picture made by me*

Big Kisses


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