Time Traveling

What is it about us people that we dream about earlier times? The past is interesting to us and we are very drawn to it.

But, why is that? Is it because we are not happy with the present? Or is it because we can fantasize and dream endlessly about the past?
It would probably be the last option. I ‘m happy with the present, but the past has something magical. Something you won’t experience in your entire life, unless your life exists of watching old movies and wishing your life becomes one…
But is this phenomenon recognizable in every era? I mean, what about the people who lived in the ‘60s, did they want to live in 1900? It seems like we are not totally satisfied with the present and you hear people say ‘’ back in the days, sigh’’. I wish I could proof that’s not true, but I must say I also love the charms of the past.
So back in Paris I thought: ‘’I want to see Paris in a different era’’. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my time machine with me ;) so I had to see it through the lens of my lovely Hipstamatic camera. Once we walked through the corridors of metro station Rivoli, we were hearing this lovely music. For that moment I felt like I traveled trough time; then I pressed record…

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