felt the tears come, finally I was there ...

Yes, I finally got to where Carrie Bradshaw walked into her hotel as a perfect Parisienne. Yes I am an extreme SATC fan and I can’t help it. I have seen the DVD box countless times already but I still cry at the last episode.

So when I was in Paris I just had to go to the hotel where Carrie stayed, and I also had to go to the Dior store where Carrie fell. It sounds a bit crazy, but it felt good to be there knowing she was there too.

So, in a strange way you want, no, you must identify yourself with Carrie Bradshaw. We all want her life (and her shoe collection, of course). ''I couldn’t help but wonder'' why do women want to identify themselves with others?
You could say we are not satisfied with how we are, or how we live. But the reason for me, and probably many women, is that you sometimes just want to daydream. Getting carried away with a beautiful scene for a moment and really feel what, in this case Carrie, feels ...

So men, let us women now and then swoon away by a good film, because we really need it…

Pictures made by boyfriend and me

Big Kisses,


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  1. Hi lovely, beautiful photos!!!
    I love Paris too!!! I like your blog!
    You have another follower with Google and Bloglovin Now!!
    I'm very happy if you follow me too.
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  2. I love Paris as well. When I was living in Paris, I also went to the places where Carrie went. It felt so magical to walk on the street and the Seine knowing that SJP walked the exact same road. I'm also I HUGE SATC fan. But I prefer the series more than the movies.


    xx H