I have had enough with this cold grey weather, and I hope when I'm in Paris next week the weather will be on my side. I can't wait to go and today I made a list where I want to go next week. Paris is such a big city; there are always new places to explore…

Where do we go?

-          Saint-Ouen market, this is a very large flea market with lots of furniture and home- accessories

-          The pick-up-place from the movie Midnight in Paris, I now know where it is! yeay! It's near the    Pantheon. So I owe you a picture of this place.

-          Café des Deux Moulins, this is the café from the movie Amelie.

-          Pont des Arts, this is the bridge of love where you can hang a lock on the fence of the bridge.

-          Versailles, I've been here before but I think it is such a historical and fascinating place that I want to go back there.

-          Chezel Vintage shop, I believe this is not a cheap vintage shop, so I need some money for this one (or my boyfriend). They sell Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Celine and more... ME LIKE


Versailles is one of the biggest and most beautiful estates of the world. You can walk around there for days and still not have enough of all the beauty of this palace. Last week I went there again ‘cause somehow I really needed to see its beauty again.  
It is such a big palace that you actually want to rush through every room to see the whole palace in a few hours. Not a good plan I would say because you will miss all the details Versailles has to offer you.
So take your time and spot the handcrafted details in the palace... (it might take you a few days ;))


If you know the movie Midnight in Paris (if not, shame on you!) you probably know the scene where Gil Pender is picked up by a few sophisticated looking Parisians. I wanted to go to that place but I didn’t know where it was located. Until my lovely boyfriend found it at a special website for all the locations of the movie. So back in Paris at (almost) midnight we went to the pick up spot...

Unfortunately there was no old Citroën driving by when we heard the church bells at midnight…

Every time when I’m in Paris I go to one of the cutest streets in Saint-Germain, Rue Buci. A lovely street with cozy bookstores, trendy cocktailbars and café’s and a very cute flowershop!

The cocktails at café Jade are trés delicieux! The bar has a funny interior, with the walls covered with the names of famous Parisians and other famous artists. While enjoying a cocktail, you’ll watch the latest fashion trends on fashion TV in beautiful Saint-Germain. So next year when I’m in Paris, here is where I spend my fridaynights!

Then, there is the Taschen bookstore at Rue Buci, we all know the big books from Taschen! You can spend here hours looking pictures in the lovely books.

Hungry? Try PAUL boulangerie. You can eat here very delicious hamburgers or fine crepes. Did you know that in Paris, eating a hamburger (not the one from McDonalds, I mean a real hamburger) is hot and happening? Weird huh? 

Back in Paris my boyfriend and I wanted to go to the Pont Des Arts, couples hang a lock on this bridge to ‘’lock’’ their relationship.  Heading downstairs in the hotel with the elevator an elderly woman stepped into the elevator with us. She looks nicely to me and to my boyfriend. Silence... in the petit elevator. Then she looks at me again, ‘’oh you are so beautiful! Is this your husband?’’  ‘’Hahaha no, it’s my boyfriend.’’ I answered.  She grabbed my hand looking to my ''ring-less'' fingers and said to my boyfriend: ‘’ You need to lock her! ‘’ We laughed and said that we were going to the Pont Des Arts to lock ''us''.

Once arrived, we found ourselves standing on the bridge without a lock! How stupid?