It’s week two and I’m feeling really at home now… 
We had an amazing week with our classmates. We saw some nice paintings and artwork from Dali at the Dali Museum in Montmartre. Of all the museums I’ve been these two weeks, I think this one got me the most.  I love how Dali makes these weird sculptures with a really great thought behind it.

On Thursday we had a blast at the party at club 67 near Champs Elyseés. We danced the night away with our classmates from Mexico, Germany and Spain. And we had a few Tequilla which explains the good conversations with the cabdriver haha!

This weekend was also great. My boyfriend visited me and we went to Saint-Germain de Prés for a lunch at Les Deux Magots. Then on Sunday we wanted to go to the Catacombe of Paris but when we arrived at the metro station we found ourselves standing right in the middle of the Gay marriage strike. And with like 50.000 people around us we couldn’t go to the Catacombe. So we went for a nice lunch and the amazing view on Tour Montparnasse.

Kisses Sanne & Gamze



This week there was not a second my face had not a smile on it…

Last week my Also-Paris –Lover Gamze and I arrived at our little apartment in Paris. My dream started! Living in Paris is sooo cool! Every day I’m thanking myself for doing this haha ;)

Arriving at our apartment at Rue des Batignolles in the 17th arrondissement with 2 cars fully stuffed with clothes and shoes we did’t knew what to expect because we did’nt saw our apartment in real life you know.
Well, it's 100 percent better than expected and we feel really at home! After unpacking and a lot of cleaning, we sat at our sofa bed, totally exhausted but with a big smile on our face;  this is our home in Paris!

So this week we needed to go to school directly. We’ve met some very nice people from different nationalities such as Mexico, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. So this week we did a LOT!
Sunday after cleaning we went to the Arc de Triomphe, not that we needed to see it but hey, we’re in Paris right? So we went for a little walk to Avenue Montaigne and did a little windowshopping at Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Cloé… What else is there to do on a Sundaynight right?

Then we had some schooldays. Friday we had a great day, we have made ourselves an engagement to eat a nice pastry at the best patisseries of Paris every week. So thats what we did, at Fauchon we bought a 7 euro pastry and it was DIVINE! Next week at Ladureé ;)

At fridaynight we went to the Louvre, I went there before but this was also a kind of school assignment so why not go there again? This was my favorite night this week, cause when we were looking at the different paintings my eye catched some snowflakes…
It was so magical! I coulnd’t stop smiling and i was so happy! It was like -5 that night but this winterwonderland warmed me…

Ow and Saturday, we went to Museé d’ Orsay. Loved the Monet, van Gogh and Rodin pieces!

Wow, what a week… Paris je t’aime.

Below our film of the first week! Have fun wathing it :)