Well, hello again. Took me about two weeks to create a new movie because the internet is not working. It maybe sound a bit exaggerated but I really felt kinda lost without internet. Every day when we got home we loved to hear the beeping sounds of our Iphone’s. But last two weeks it was very quiet when we got home…

It got me thinking about some other things, off course not to have contact with the ones I love from home makes me miss them a lot. And I realized I was really addicted to internet. I always want to be online and know what everyone is doing. So these two weeks I tried to get rid of my addiction. Because I had to. There was no other option but to deal with it. So I tried to focus on the other things.

Well, a BIG telephone-bill later I know that my addiction cannot be healed. So with every minute my Wifi is working I quickly check facebook, instagram, watsapp and my email.
So enough about my internet addiction. My other addiction I have developed in Paris is my addiction to Beautiful. Everything here is beautiful, the shops, the  architecture, the fashion, the art. I feel like all this beauty feeds me in some way.

So I tried to capture some beauty and put it in a movie…

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